I never understood the concept of love.
I always hoped that the older I got the more it would make sense but the older I get the more confused I feel about it.
Love is supposed to be this feeling you have for another individual, I mean I guess you can describe it in so many ways it’s hard to simplify it into one sentence.
But it baffles me how people say “just bc you love each other doesn’t mean you have to be together” “love is being able to let go & live without” or “some ppl are meant to fall in love but not be together”…
If that’s the case then love is a horrible thing. How can you feel something so intense, so deep, so out of this world, something that makes you act out of character, it takes you out of your element, it ambushes your mind & intoxicates you with nothing but feelings of wanting to kiss, hug, talk, see this other person, it poisons your mind with memories, with expectations, with dreams of what it could, should, or might be like to actually spend the rest of your life together, how can you feel all this & call it love yet let the person go? Or end up not together? That can’t be love. Love is pure & ever lasting, & self sacrificial right? So how can you really love someone & go through all that just to end up not being with that person?
Is it for growth? Is it for…I don’t even know. I just feel like if you really fall in love with someone you should be together, like it’s not fair to be anything else but together.
Love is tough. Love is hard to understand. Love can have so many different meanings to each individual out here. It’s hard to trust love. It’s hard to trust something that you don’t really know what it is or what’s it’s supposed to be.
There’s no manual on “how to succeed in love”. You just go with instinct I guess, with what you feel. It’s like hopping in a car blind folded & just hoping you make it to your destination alive.
Love is a risk.

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